“I’ve Developed Forex Trading Tips, Strategies, And Completely Different Market Understanding Than What You Usually Learn. Over The Past Years, I’ve Helped People Getting 10% To 25% Monthly Return Of Their Account Balance With Some Of Them That Are Now Living Completely From Forex Trading”

Mental Reprogramming

Since we’re young we’ve grown up in a society where a mental framework has been imposed within our mind. Most new traders fail because “trading” goes completely against it. In the Private MasterClass, we will help you to create the mental framework you need to succeed as a consistently profitable trader

Building a trading Algorithm

For a professional trader. Trading should be instinctive, not a big deal. To achieve that instinctive way of trading, you shall first build a trading algorithm that will guide the multitude of decisions required during the trading process. We will build that together through the Private MasterClass.

Technical and Fundamental

Our way of trading is completely different from most of retails traders. In fact, we know that technical analysis is not the only way. We also excel in our fundamental understanding at an institutional level, which is giving us a hedge that most traders don’t have. 



ā€¢ How to profit from the world biggest market “5 300 000 000 000” in Daily turnover. ā€¢The way of understanding the market that got me 25% monthly return and more.

ā€¢ First 30 min session is completely FREE, let’s get to know each other first !

Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training formats.

All of Stanislav courses come with online, social, live and simulated material.


To know more about our investment plan, where you can double your invested amount by using our signals to trade for you and you earn your profit daily.


WHATSAPP: +1 602 428 6719

INSTAGRAM: Forexman_trading01


Hi ! I’m Stanislav Goldman, Fx consultant and Hedge-fund manager of Vezno Capital.
I have been trading for 5 years now and it has been an amazing journey. Since the moment I analyzed my first forex charts 5 years ago, forex trading popularity has never stopped expanding. Sadly, there is way too much information out there and it makes it really difficult for an individual trader to find his way through.
My goal here is to help you through this awesome world that is trading, so you can reach any level you aspire to as well !
Book your FREE 30 min session with me now, and we’ll talk more about how I can help you reach the next step in your trading.


Get in Touch

915 NW 1st Ave
City, Miami Florida
WhatsApp: +1 602 428 6719

Instagram: Forexman_trading01

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4 thoughts on “STANISLAV GOLDMAN

  1. This training is the most complete accurate method that Iā€™ve assisted. Ever since my trading has been more simple and successful. I wish I met him before


  2. I am proud to say that my trading is way more accurate since Tristan taught me how to interpret all the economic data and how to combine these informations with my technical analysis. This guys is the real deal if you want to upgrade your trading to an institutional level. I truly recommend his MasterClass


  3. Stanislav has shown me the difference between average results and being consistently profitable. His technics and his way of viewing the market through both technical and fundamental analysis are literally a game changer


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